We help your business in the creation of an International Business Plan for its expansion in foreign markets.

1.International Diagnosis

It consists on making a self-diagnosis about the internationalisation plan in order to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the company, so you can accomplish the international expansion of your business.

  • First, an internal analysis of the firm will be necessary, considering some relevant characteristics, depending on the industry and the kind of business: Geographical location, ability to produce, technology level, financial resources for foreign investments…
  • Benchmarking report, according to the industry and the type of corporation.
  • SWOT analysis: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Finally, and as a conclusion, an internationalisation diagnosis of your company will be brought about.

2.Market Selection

In order to choose a potential market, the first thing we must do is to analyse whether it is more convenient a market concentration or a market diversification strategy.

If the potential number of clients in each market is high, the “key” markets are stable with a sustained demand as well as shared by a large number of competitors and whose sales are based on some factors other than prices. In addition, the products have a long life cycle, the customers are loyal to the usual suppliers and sales require large investments on advertising/promotion. Besides, administration and sales-monitoring costs are quite high. The product requires a complex and costly adaptation.

If the potential number of clients in each market is low, the “key” markets are cyclical with a changing demand. Also, sales are based mainly on prices, the product’s life cycle is short, and customers are not loyal to the usual supplier. In addition, products are standard in every different market, sales do not require large investments on advertising/promotion and sales-monitoring and administration costs are quite low.

These are our services:


We provide a reliable market research, simplifying the task of foreign markets opening.

Tailored market research:

Ad-hoc and in-situ market research in the selected country in order to cover the opening market needs of your company.

It consists in the creation of a personalized report about distributors, partners, agents, providers and manufacturers in the selected country. We Will select, validate and verify the preset contacts that adjust to the specifications of your company. We Will also provide an inicial presentation of your company and its  goods and services.

Competition market research:

We elaborate a personalized market report with all the detailed information you need to know about your competition and its export activity: pricing, international distributors, delivery time, market positioning, billing, employees, trademarks…


Customized market research, adjusted to the company specific needs, in view of its online sales strategy. Tailored research to the needs of the client to identify the situation of those needs in the selected markets. The client will obtain a tailored report that will enable to assess the real possibilities and the conditions of his online sale positioning of his products or services in the target markets:


  • Supply and demand reports in the online channel
  • Online consumer trends
  • Competition Analysis on the online channel
  • Costs of participation in platforms and online marketing
  • Online channel characteristics for the product or service of the survey.
  • Price comparison table on different platforms


The international markets, every day, are more complex and as a result the companies need information to know truthfully the international business environment, their main clients and competitors, focused in being more effective and competitive in the foreign markets.

Technology and internet access has created many information and provides us with new ways of taking and analyzing data from markets, competitors, and international clients. This means a great added value in the international decision-making process.

In BusinessGoOn we have developed a methodology based on International Competitive Intelligence, which we understand as a group of techniques and tools which allows, within a process of obtaining information from different sources and subsequent analysis and interpretation, to obtain valuable international strategic information for its international expansion process.

The benefits obtained from our International Competitive Intelligence methodology:

1.-New international business opportunities: The economic evolution, legislative changes, technological changes or other changes are always changing and sometimes exposed great business opportunities.

2.-Strategic Foresight: The foresight is based on an international competitive environment; therefore it helps us to detect signals or alerts of changes in the international market trend.

3.-Anticipate technological and market trends, allows us to have an advance view to adapt our strategy.

4.- Enhancement in the strategic decisions making: Having truthful information, international markets dynamic information, means that companies, instead of reacting, become a predictive company.

5.- International strategic partners Alliances: In the international business environment, identify potential strategic partners in the different markets is essential for the internationalization process to be effective.

6.- Identification and Look out of international competitors: Knowing our competitors, generating knowledge to successfully develop our foreign markets position.

3.Entry Strategy

Once it is determined that you are going to expand your business internationally, it is necessary to decide which will be the most beneficial entry mode for our product or service.

  • First, analyse the different entry modes
  • Second, choose an entry mode.
  • Third, it is very important to establish the profile of our client, agent, distributor and ideal associates.
  • Finally, once established the agent, distributor or associate, the negotiation conditions must be determined.


At BusinessGoOn we are specialists in conquering international markets.

The international franchise is a business model that gives us the possibility to grow for brand recognition with medium, long-term company values, difficult to achieve without incurring in large investments, structure and advertising, developing your business throughout the national and international market.

Business model:

Developing a franchiseable business model is a very attractive form of national and international expansion both for the entrepreneurs themselves who want to create the franchiseable business model and for those investors who are looking for successful and profitable businesses to invest in.

In this process of international expansion, we need to adapt our marketing tools to generate investor nominations in the target market.

When a franchiseable business model decides to expand its business in international markets, it is essential to take this aspect into account: it must be linked to the feeling of belonging to the franchise network by the new ones. The new franchisee partners must always remain under the supervision and control of the plant.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the documentation that we must submit to the potential international franchise or Master Franchise. This documentation consists of three fundamental parts. The informative documentation: Commercial Dossier of the Franchise, the contractual documentation: franchise / master franchise contracts and operational documentation: franchise manuals.

Preparing the franchise international business plan:

In general terms, in order to expand your Franchise internationally, it is necessary to analyze and carry out some previous steps:

  • First of all, carry out a diagnosis of internationalization to detect and understanding if your strength and weaknesses of the Franchise model to face the challenges of the international market.
  • Second, to make a market selection appropriate to our franchisable business model, to go to many markets with a minimum penetration in them or to go to a few markets with a penetration in them wide.
  • In third place a form of adequate entrance to the market, the Master Franchise can be one of the most valued options, although there are many other ways that it is necessary to analyze.
  • Fourth, a correct international marketing and communication policy, the internationalization of a franchise brand is key in the development of the international project, as well as, a correct communication in the destination country.
  • Fifth, a competitive commercial offer in the market. Knowing if we are going to enter the market by quality and price or low competitive cost or a combination of both.
  • Sixth, a financing and investment plan. Fundamental to be able to put into operation our international franchise.

Seeking franchisees and Master franchises into the target market:

The BusinessGoOn team has a network of international partners in more than 50 countries that can help you find and select Franchises / Master Franchises in foreign markets for your international expansion.

Legal services

The BusinessGoOn team helps you and advises on the support for the structuring of all legal operations, derived from the international expansion of the Franchise with special relevance the Franchise and Master franchise contract.

Seeking funding and investors

We help you and advise you in the search of national and international investors for the expansion of your Franchise in foreign markets. As well as, search and securing of foreign capital.

Configuration for documentation at international level for franchising

We help you and advise on the completion of the information documentation: Commercial Dossier of the Franchise.

And in all the Operating Documentation of the Franchise:

  • Corporate identity manual.
  • Manual of adaptation and decoration of the premises.

Operational manuals: business concept, management and procedures, administrative, control and supervision, economic financial, technical products, commercial management, advertising and marketing, etc.

Training solutions

Support in conducting periodic training seminars for the franchise network, as well as, recycling seminars.

4.International Supply

It is essential to elaborate a proper international supply to connect with the potential clients and obtain the maximum profitability of the products or services. Therefore, some steps must be followed:

  1. Choose the range of products or services.

We must take into account some important variables when deciding which is the most optimal product or service for our actual or potential markets. These variables are:

  • Ability to produce
  • Commercial margin within the national market
  • Expertise in commercialising
  • New technologies and designs’ implementation
  • Costs of adapting to the foreign country’s legislation
  • Costs of adapting to the consumer habits of the destination country
  • Transportation costs
  • Differentiated advantages regarding the supply in the destination country
  • Price advantages regarding the supply in the destination country
  1. Standardisation/Adaptation of the product

We must evaluate if the product or service needs to be adapted in each market regarding its composition and quality, as well as its design, packaging, labelling, branding and customer service.

  1. International prices calculation

There exists some several factors or variables for the configuration of such prices, like the cost of the product/service, the market demand and the competition.

Final sale price = Costs + Commercial margin

+ Transportation and insurance costs

+ Import tariffs and customs expenses

+ Importer/distributor’s margins

+ Retailer’s margin + other expenses

  1. Elaboration of the supply:

Without being too rigid we must consider the following:

PRODUCT: Description/Quality/Origin

QUANTITY: Unit of consumption/Minimum order/Total of units (min. order)/ Weight

PRICE: Unit/Total

DELIVERY CONDITIONS: Incoterm and place/date of delivery

PAYMENT CONDITIONS: Payment means / Payment period or deadlines

OTHER SUPPLY CONDITIONS: Certifications / Validity

5.Comunication Policy

It is necessary to bring about a proper communication policy to connect with the potential clients and obtain the maximum profitability of the products or services. To do so, it is necessary to follow some steps:

  1. Brand selection: Local or global

We have to determine if we are using the same local branding or a different one for the foreign markets.

  1. Positioning and promotional image

Based on:

  • Characteristics of the product/service
  • Benefits of the product or service
  • Use or application of the product
  • Different typology of the users
  • Positioning with respect to quality and price
  • Positioning with respect to your competition
  1. Communication instruments to be used

We will select the most appropriate communication instruments depending on the product or service:

  • Promotional documentation
  • Webpage
  • Advertising on specialised magazines
  • Direct marketing


Our team helps you concretize your international agenda and also to research and select commercial agents worldwide, distributors, agents and partners in international markets.


We help your international relationships with validated and verified concerted meetings and, in case you need it, the possibility of profesional and personalized accompaniment.

International agendas:

  • Are a morden and efficient mechanism to access new markets
  • Allow us to present goods and services in a more individual way.
  • Generate international business experience
  • Are essential mechanisms to make contacts and start business with potential international partners
  • Allow us to make commercial intelligence activities.


We organize commercial missions to amplify the foreign markets, encouraging the sales opportunities and the compilation of information that will help our customers in future exports.

Opportunities and benefits of trade missions:

-Get new qualified contacts

-Generate more sales

-Test new markets

-Analysis of the competition

-Boost the corporate image

-Penetrate new markets

-Capture potential agents and distributors

-Boost the relationship with media

-Generate loyalty in current customers


We advise and help your implantation in international fairs. We will make the commercial promotion and the research and appointment of meetings with commercial agents, distributors, agents and partners in national and international markets.

We will manage in a comprehensive manner your participation in the fair at the administrative, financial and commercial level.


We advise and help your implantation in international fairs. We will make the commercial promotion and the research and appointment of meetings with commercial agents, distributors, agents and partners in national and international markets.

We will manage in a comprehensive manner your participation in the fair at the administrative, financial and commercial level.

6.Financial Plan

When elaborating the international financial plan, once the previous steps have been developed, we will get to the estimated result of the quantity needed to develop our international expansion plan. Once this quantity is known, we have to make the financial plan from two different perspectives:

  • First perspective: Which are the most appropriate financial resources or financial planning for your international project. Those resources can be either owned or external and we must determine if they are short-, medium- or long-term resources.
  • Second perspective: How the profitability and the return of the investment will be, as well as the economic and financial impact. To do so, we have to determine a financial forecast up to 3-5 years of the income statement, balance sheet and cash-flow statement.


Aimed to all companies that need to obtain funding for the expansion of their international business.

We offer you support to understand and access the instruments and lines of financing focused to the internationalization of your company.

Access to the institutions that finance international operations, as well as assistance in structuring and presenting them, are the main aspects associated with the success of the operation.

Forms of international funding:

We analyze and seek for the different types of international funding most suitable for your company:

  • Funding by public and multilateral organizations
  • Funding by financial entities
  • Financing with investment funds, family office, venture capital company
  • Funding with national and international private investors
  • Search for international financial partners and attracting foreign capital