The way of doing business is changing and is an opportunity to create competitive advantages in a new digital and global economy:

-Improve internal collaboration of employees and teams.
-Improve science in all internal processes of the value chain:, Production, -Marketing, Marketing, HR, customer service, R&D Finance …
-Data analysis / big data from all areas of the company: predictive analytics.
Improve customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty.
-Redefine the company’s vision, a more modern and humanized vision
-Improve the customer experience. Redesign at all points of contact with the client.
-Create a new competitive advantage, new products or services that are truly unique and exceptional.
-Promote a new culture of innovation, throughout the organization.

In the current environment of volatility and uncertainties, where change is the new normal, the digital transformation of companies has become a strategic priority.

Digital disruption is one of the main drivers of this change, and aware of this, BusinessGoOn has an integrative perspective in which digitalization is present in all its business areas.

The BusinessGoOn Digital Services area is oriented to the transformation of the business, impacting the revenue line, optimizing resources, cost efficiency, and being transversal to a sector perspective.

Specializing in strategic consulting and digital transformation challenges, BusinessGoOn advises on aspects related to digital strategy, digital experience design, digital analytics models, Big Data, digital platforms, DLT (Blockchain) Technology, digital innovation projects or development of multichannel solutions.

The progress that occurs in the digital and technological environment is redefining the way we operate. By combining deep sectoral and business knowledge with digital innovation, our extensive team of professionals, creatives, sector specialists and technology experts will facilitate and accelerate the digital impact of your company.

The digital transformation goes beyond being seen as a simple implementation of technology, it implies a reinvention and cultural change that affects all the processes, procedures, habits, and behaviors of organizations and people, which thanks to digital technologies, improve their capacities to face the challenges posed by these new times and scenarios.

What do we do?

What do we do:

+We facilitate the digital transformation of your current business model: creating competitive advantages, with new and unique products or services.
+Within the digital transformation identifying new business models that contribute diversification and growth.
+We redefine the company’s approach, with a more modern and humanized vision, to attract digital customers.
+We help digitize the company with the application of new technologies.
Driving digitalization with a new culture of innovation throughout the
+We integrate the area of ​​human resources with digital technologies, to improve the relationship between employees and teams.
+With digital transformation we improve efficiency in all internal processes of the value chain, R&D, production, marketing, HR, customer service, quality, finance, etc.
+Optimizing with the digital transformation the structure and management systems of the organization.
+We incorporate Big Data and Analytics in the marketing, communication and business development plan, turning the data into useful knowledge of application to the company.
+We use analytics and Business Intelligence to generate business opportunities and strategic decision making.
+We improve the customer experience, in relation to the company’s brand, products / services and channels.
+We help the application of artificial intelligence in different business areas.
+We developed a digital strategy plan, with the aim of increasing your income and positioning your brand in the digital environment.
+We carry out online marketing strategies to attract, capture and build customer loyalty.
+Definition, analysis and implementation of the Blockchain
+Designs, creation and implementation of sector digital platforms.

Diagnosis of digital maturity

In BusinessGoOn we carry out a Digital Maturity Diagnosis to know the current situation in which the company is located.

We perform the Digital Maturity Diagnostic on the following areas:

Action Schedule

1.Digital Maturity Diagnosis

2. Action plan / Road map td

3. Execution and monitoring

Activity areas

Strategy and Digital Culture

Customer experience

Organization, people and talent

Goods and Services

Technological infrastructure and cybersecurity

business management processes

Once the Digital Maturity Diagnostic has been carried out, and knowing the degree of maturity of the company, we carry out a Digital Transformation Roadmap.


We help you to reinsert products, experiences and business models, to create new value, differentiation and income in the digital economy.

Drive sustainable growth at the pace of change.

From the strategy, we work on the challenges that impact the business model of companies and that can cover aspects such as: value proposition, product / offering, segments / channels and resources / activities, reinforcing the revenue model.

Digital Business solutions help you attract customers by conceiving and creating innovative experiences and products, developing approaches to market them and inventing new business models.

Our strategists allow companies to generate new growth, significant differentiation and real economic value.

We start with data science, people-centered design thinking and knowledge of the most important processes in your sector. With this information, we collaborate with you to inspire intelligent products, disruptive strategies and new ways to attract customers through each channel.

Construction of new products, services and business models. BusinessGoOn has a unique position to help organizations transform their business, operational and technological models in the digital era.


Outdated operational models are hampering the transformation initiatives of companies, hindering growth and their ability to keep up with customer and market demands.

But only companies developed on agile, intelligent and digital processes can offer much more humanized transactions and experiences that exceed customer expectations.

We help you reinvent and create digital processes that not only drive performance, but also close process gaps between customers, suppliers and partners with automation, perception and process platforms.

The result: together with our clients, we are redefining the digital transformation at scale, either by reinventing the processes, redesigning the ways of working and recreating the infrastructure of the processes, to activate operational agility, efficiency and business growth.

BusinessGoOn helps you combine your outdated customer service, sales and finance processes into a unified set, and redesign your operating model to optimize and automate workflows.