In BusinessGoOn we are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and the need to align the interests of customers, suppliers, workers and society, we are aware of the importance of environmental, social and good governance factors to be incorporated in the provision of our services and investment decision making.

We incorporate the criteria of social, environmental and good governance responsibility to our actions:

-In the whole process of value creation, from international strategy consulting, the selection of human resources for internationalization, the implementation of companies in other markets, the application of the international online strategy, the help in bidding processes international and corporate & financial processes.

-In the day to day of our organization, in the relationship with employees, investors, partners, customers, suppliers and, ultimately, with society.


The way of doing business is changing and is an opportunity to create competitive advantages in a new digital and global economy:

Improve internal collaboration of employees and teams.
Improve science in all internal processes of the value chain:, Production, Marketing, Marketing, HR, customer service, R&D Finance …
Data analysis / big data from all areas of the company: predictive analytics.
Improve customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty.
Redefine the company’s vision, a more modern and humanized vision
Improve the customer experience. Redesign at all points of contact with the client.
Create a new competitive advantage, new products or services that are truly unique and exceptional.
Promote a new culture of innovation, throughout the organization.