Commercial Distribution: Wholesale and Retail


Commercial distribution: wholesaler and retailer in its digital transformation process is redesigning its future towards digital change, and opening the doors to new services, new experiences and points of contact with the customer, new digital distribution channels, as well as efficiencies operational

Technology ends up changing the rules of the game and all sectors are being attacked by disruptive developments, which leads to a search for new strategies, such as commercial distribution companies: wholesalers and retailers such as Platforms.

The current competitive environment in the commercial distribution sector requires a new mentality and a new way of doing commercial distribution. The competition is not only between companies, with their own products and assets, but between ecosystems, with partners that are able to combine services, orchestrate resources and execute coordinated actions.

The platform strategy for commercial distribution: wholesaler and retailer seeks to build or integrate an ecosystem with customers, partners, services and devices, in order to promote the creation and exchange of services, so that everyone can capture value.

This integration between the ecosystem makes possible to its members advantages such as:

Reach new sales channels
Provide interactions with new customers
Create and implement new products / services
Expand capacities for existing products and services
Automate business processes end to end.
Have a 360º view of the client

Brands that move quickly to adopt digital technologies will be the first to gain a competitive advantage.

There is no doubt that digital technologies are redefining the consumer goods market, and blurring the boundaries between stores and brands forever.

While some major brands may have lost ground against insurgent competitors, tomorrow’s winners are attending the digital call and gaining a competitive advantage.

BusinessGoOn offers long-term strategic solutions for our customers to respond to technological changes while remaining competitive and profitable.

Our recommendations focus on transforming commercial distribution companies: wholesaler and retailer into digital platforms, commercial distributors as digital business platforms. In this way, commercial distributors will be more effective and efficient in their operational business processes such as, automate repetitive processes, improve supplier management and improve their customers’ experience.

The BusinessGoOn team designs, develops and implements digital Business Platforms for commercial distribution, which provide solutions to the different challenges facing the sector.