All international tenders are focused to provide a good, construction works or to receive a service, through the executing agencies, usually governments or other public administrations.


These executing agencies call publicly, receive and evaluate offers, with a certain criteria, awarding the contract to the tenderer who presents the most favorable proposal.

International Tenders are carried out according to a transparent and regulated procedure that ensures that there is competition and provides legal security.

When a company tries the way to open foreign markets by going to International Tenders, it finds a new type of client, which is governed by specific rules and that has well-defined procedures for how to act in terms of contracting. Therefore, a differentiated perspective and extra effort is needed.

Despite the complexity of the International Tender procedure, the company size is not a decisive variable of competitiveness in this market.

Products and services that are currently not demanded in your local market, may be necessary and highly valued in others.

There are opportunities for all size companies and in a big range of areas: acquisition of goods and equipment of different types, technical assistance and consulting services in the most diverse sectors and execution of civil works and engineering.


Civil infrastructures: projects related to the execution of special building works, urban, structural, and geotechnical management.

Water and sanitation: pipeline and water treatment projects, for the subsequent supply to populations.

Transportation: projects such as road network, railways and urban transport.

Energy: projects for the generation and distribution of electric, solar, wind, geothermal and hydraulic energy.

Environment: environmental projects of landscape restoration, land protection and waste management.


Consulting services: professional advisory services in specialized areas such as communication, marketing, image, logistics and human resources.

Engineering services: in project drafting, final studies, technical assistance, auditing and intervention in the execution of infrastructure works, water, energy and environment.

ICT services: projects that meet to requirements of the final customers in a change of computer equipment, empowering them and reducing the risk.

Training services: knowledge transfer projects.

Transport and logistics services: projects that integrate necessary means and methods to carry out the company organization or distribution.


Capital equipment and machinery tools
Medical equipment
Educational equipment
Computer & software equipment
Office & furnishings supplies
Paper, cardboard and derivatives


Search and selection of International Tenders.
Evaluation of the tender.
Consulting on the full technical and economic assessment.
Help in the management and proposal submission.
Consultancy in the international tender process.