At BusinessGoOn we are specialists in conquering international markets.

The international franchise is a business model that gives us the possibility to grow for brand recognition with medium, long-term company values, difficult to achieve without incurring in large investments, structure and advertising, developing your business throughout the national and international market.

Business model:

Developing a franchiseable business model is a very attractive form of national and international expansion both for the entrepreneurs themselves who want to create the franchiseable business model and for those investors who are looking for successful and profitable businesses to invest in.

In this process of international expansion, we need to adapt our marketing tools to generate investor nominations in the target market.

When a franchiseable business model decides to expand its business in international markets, it is essential to take this aspect into account: it must be linked to the feeling of belonging to the franchise network by the new ones. The new franchisee partners must always remain under the supervision and control of the plant.

Finally, it is necessary to take into account the documentation that we must submit to the potential international franchise or Master Franchise. This documentation consists of three fundamental parts. The informative documentation: Commercial Dossier of the Franchise, the contractual documentation: franchise / master franchise contracts and operational documentation: franchise manuals.

Preparing the franchise international business plan:

In general terms, in order to expand your Franchise internationally, it is necessary to analyze and carry out some previous steps:

  • First of all, carry out a diagnosis of internationalization to detect and understanding if your strength and weaknesses of the Franchise model to face the challenges of the international market.
  • Second, to make a market selection appropriate to our franchisable business model, to go to many markets with a minimum penetration in them or to go to a few markets with a penetration in them wide.
  • In third place a form of adequate entrance to the market, the Master Franchise can be one of the most valued options, although there are many other ways that it is necessary to analyze.
  • Fourth, a correct international marketing and communication policy, the internationalization of a franchise brand is key in the development of the international project, as well as, a correct communication in the destination country.
  • Fifth, a competitive commercial offer in the market. Knowing if we are going to enter the market by quality and price or low competitive cost or a combination of both.
  • Sixth, a financing and investment plan. Fundamental to be able to put into operation our international franchise.

Seeking franchisees and Master franchises into the target market:

The BusinessGoOn team has a network of international partners in more than 50 countries that can help you find and select Franchises / Master Franchises in foreign markets for your international expansion.

Legal services

The BusinessGoOn team helps you and advises on the support for the structuring of all legal operations, derived from the international expansion of the Franchise with special relevance the Franchise and Master franchise contract.

Seeking funding and investors

We help you and advise you in the search of national and international investors for the expansion of your Franchise in foreign markets. As well as, search and securing of foreign capital.

Configuration for documentation at international level for franchising

We help you and advise on the completion of the information documentation: Commercial Dossier of the Franchise.

And in all the Operating Documentation of the Franchise:

  • Corporate identity manual.
  • Manual of adaptation and decoration of the premises.

Operational manuals: business concept, management and procedures, administrative, control and supervision, economic financial, technical products, commercial management, advertising and marketing, etc.

Training solutions

Support in conducting periodic training seminars for the franchise network, as well as, recycling seminars.