The international markets, every day, are more complex and as a result the companies need information to know truthfully the international business environment, their main clients and competitors, focused in being more effective and competitive in the foreign markets.

Technology and internet access has created many information and provides us with new ways of taking and analyzing data from markets, competitors, and international clients. This means a great added value in the international decision-making process.

In BusinessGoOn we have developed a methodology based on International Competitive Intelligence, which we understand as a group of techniques and tools which allows, within a process of obtaining information from different sources and subsequent analysis and interpretation, to obtain valuable international strategic information for its international expansion process.

The benefits obtained from our International Competitive Intelligence methodology:

1.-New international business opportunities: The economic evolution, legislative changes, technological changes or other changes are always changing and sometimes exposed great business opportunities.

2.-Strategic Foresight: The foresight is based on an international competitive environment; therefore it helps us to detect signals or alerts of changes in the international market trend.

3.-Anticipate technological and market trends, allows us to have an advance view to adapt our strategy.

4.- Enhancement in the strategic decisions making: Having truthful information, international markets dynamic information, means that companies, instead of reacting, become a predictive company.

5.- International strategic partners Alliances: In the international business environment, identify potential strategic partners in the different markets is essential for the internationalization process to be effective.

6.- Identification and Look out of international competitors: Knowing our competitors, generating knowledge to successfully develop our foreign markets position.